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Veterinarian Madalyn Ward provides information about basic horse care, horse hoof care, and treatment for equine founder in horses. Dr. Ward is a horse chiropractor specializing in foundered horses, horse nutrition, equine acupuncture, treatment of equine health problems and healing. Through her blog and newsletter, Madalyn provides additional advice on horse supplements, equine nutrition, laminitis, and horse and mule health.

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Horses in a Nutshell

Whether you are just getting started with horses or have been caring for them for years, here is a nice diagram on the basics. I, of course, like to see horses barefoot whenever possible, but wanted to share this infographic submitted by a reader as it does contain a lot of basic holistic horse care “in a nutshell”. Thanks to http://animal-health.co.uk/news/how-healthy-is-your-horse.html for sharing it.
























































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