Laminitis Consultation

Laminitis Consultation

Thanks for your interest in a laminitis consult. I have been treating laminitis horses for over 30 years and they are by far the most challenging cases I see. Even with all the new knowledge of insulin resistance and Cushings, I have yet to see anyone come up with a formula that works consistently. Diet and how you trim horse’s hooves are critical but no two horse founder cases present in exactly the same way.

That’s why I am now offering one-on-one laminitis consults. These consults help you create an individualized management program for your horse, especially if your horse has not responded to general treatment. I did not do laminitis consults for years because of the difficulty in finding good trimmers to work on horses that did not live in my area. It is now a bit easier to find a good barefoot horse trimmer. I enjoy helping founder horses but they are a challenge and the owner must be willing to put forth the effort to understand and meet their special needs.

Please note: a requirement for these consults is that you work with a barefoot trimmer or a farrier who has had some training in barefoot trimming.

I take into consideration the horse’s Five-Element constitutional type, which can influence his individual needs, along with many other factors in his management. Consults are $200/hour per horse for the first hour and are conducted by phone (or by email if consultation by phone isn’t possible). To get started, please pre-pay for the first hour ($200), which includes a 1/2 hour detailed analysis I do before your phone consult and about 1/2 hour on the phone reviewing my analysis. We’ll keep track of the time and, should additional time be needed, additional payments can be made via credit card over the phone.

Request a Consult

These consults are very specific and to be successful I will need quite a bit of information from you about your horse, the symptoms, and your management program. Once you sign up for a consult we will send you an intake form for you to provide the information and set up a time for the initial consult. You may need to go out and do a bit of research before you can complete the intake form. The more detailed and complete the information, the faster we can address your horse’s condition. I’ll need the the following information:

  • Your horse’s weight, sex, breed, height, color, and age
  • Your horse’s primary diagnosis (according to lab tests). I will need lab results for your horse’s glucose and insulin, and if you horse is over 15 years old I will need a CTH test as well.
  • Symptoms
  • Current treatment
  • Previous treatment
  • Feed: type(s) of feed, actual weight fed per day, frequency
  • Hay: type, actual weight fed per day, frequency
  • Hay analysis: actual nutritional content of hay including sugar content (especially non-structural carbohydrates), minerals, and trace minerals (see below for hay testing resources). If hay analysis is not possible, we’ll work with any information you do have about your hay.
  • Supplements: type(s) used, ingredients list for each type, frequency and amount fed
  • Vaccination history
  • Deworming program
  • Current hoof care program
  • Personality

Hay Testing Resources

If possible, please use these labs for your hay analysis. They provide all the information I need in their reports, including sugar content (especially non-structural carbohydrates), minerals, and trace minerals.

Equi-analytical Laboratory
730 Warren Road
Ithica, NY 14850 USA

Litchfield Analytical Services
535 Marshall St/PO Box 457
Litchfield, MI 49252 USA


Have questions about laminitis consults or how to get the necessary information? Email Us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!