Products By Temperament Type

This chart will help you find products by category in our store that best suit your horse’s temperament type.

F – Fire
E – Earth
M – Metal
WR – Water

WD – Wood
F/WD – Fire/Wood (Shao Yang)
WD/F – Wood/Fire (Jue Yin)
WR/F – Water/Fire (Tai Yang)

F/WR – Fire/Water (Shao Yin)
M/E – Metal/Earth (Yang Ming)
E/M – Earth/Metal (Tai Yin)
AT – All Types

Algae Products

Essentials – AT
Wild Body – E, E/M, WD, WD/F
Wild Mind – F, WR, WR/F, F/WR, F/WD, M, M/E
Essentials Blend/Essentials Blend Plus – AT
Wild Bluegreen Blend – AT
Enzymes Plus – M, M/E
Acidophilus – AT
Bifidus – AT
Spectrabiotic – AT
Renew – AT
Energize – F, WD, WD/F
Defend – M, M/E
Drive – AT
Focus – AT
Rebound – AT
Flex – AT
Build – F, WR/F, F/WR
Edge packets – AT
Wild Earth – E, E/M, WD, WD/F
Wild Forest – WD, F/WD, WD/F
Wild Water – F, WR, WR/F, F/WR
Wild Essentials – AT

Horse Health Maintenance

Aleira – M, M/E
Aloe Vera Juice – F, WR, F/WD, F/WR, E, E/M
Grindelia – M, M/E
Hawthorne – F, WR, WR/F, F/WR
Lemon Balm – WR, WR/F
Licorice – F, WR, WR/F, F/WR
Uva Ursi – WR, WR/F
Valerian – F, WR, WR/F, F/WR
Chasteberry – WD, WE/F, F/WD, WR, F/WR
Chia Seeds – AT
Dandelion Leaf – WD, WR
Dandelion Root – WD, F/WD, WD/F
Bleeder’s Blend – M, M/E
Citrus C/Q – WD, WD/F, M
Equinacea – E, E/M
Garlic Plus C – M, M/E
Relax Blend – F, F/WD, WR, WR/F
RelaxHer Blend/RelaxHer Valerian Free – F, WD, F/WD, WD/F, WR, WR/F
Ani-Motion – E, WD, M, E/M, M/E, WD/F
Fly Away Garlic – M, M/E
Marshmallow Root – AT
Milk Thistle – WD, F/WD, WD/F, M, M/E
Red Raspberry – AT
Slippery Elm Bark – AT
Sweet Mare Plus – F, WD, F/WD, WD/F

Digestive Products

Aloe Vera Juice – F, WR, F/WD, F/WR, E, E/M
Assure Hoof – AT
Assure Plus – AT
Assure – AT
Assure Guard – F, F/WD
Colic Pro – AT
Epic II – AT
Fastrack – AT
Gastro PLUS PRO – AT
Green Clay – WD, WD/F
Karbo Combo – AT
Karbo Pellets – AT
Marshmallow Root – AT
PreProbiotics – AT
Pro-Bi – AT
Ration Plus – AT
Slippery Elm Bark – AT
Stomach Soother – E, M, E/M, M/E
Succeed – AT
Sweet Mare Plus – F, WD, F/WD, WD/F
Ulcer Answer Plus – AT

Hoof, Laminitis and Cushings

Chasteberry – WD, WD/F, F/WD, WR, F/WR
CoMal Q10 – WD, WD/F
Laminitis Plus – AT
Assure Hoof – AT
Nitro Pro – AT

Joint and Muscle

Adequan – AT
CoMal Q10 – WD, WD/F
Cosequin ASU – AT
Citrus C/Q – WD, WD/F
Ani-Motion – E, WD, M, E/M, M/E, WD/F
Formula 11 – AT
Injury Pro – AT
Legend – AT
Muscle Mass Pro – F, WR, F/WR, WR/F
Sore No More Products – AT
Steadfast – AT


Injury Pro – AT
Focus Biscuits – AT