Mentoring Program with DVM Madalyn Ward

Mentoring Program with DVM Madalyn Ward

The Mentoring Program at Holistic Horsekeeping offers 2 different topics to choose from that allow you to study with Madalyn Ward, DVM on a one on one basis. In order to provide each student with adequate personal time, there will be a very limited number of students able to sign up for each 6 month period. Cost for the entire program is $7500.00. The student can choose one course to focus on or combine aspects of all courses. This tuition can be paid with $4000 at the beginning of the course and the other $3500 after 60 days or the full amount at the beginning. Refunds for 80% of payment made to date will be allowed up to 30 days from the start of the course if you are not satisfied with the program. The mentoring courses available are:

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Mentoring Program with DVM Madalyn Ward

Homeopathy Mentoring Course - Beyond Arnica

Homeopathy for the serious student

Ten years into my conventional veterinary career I was tired, frustrated and burned out. I just could not seem to provide my horse patients the health I wanted for them. I read textbooks cover to cover, I went to the vet meetings and consulted with the known experts but still horses in my practice had less than optimum health. I couldn’t understand this. I started looking for answers outside of my conventional training and found these answers in homeopathy.

At my first homeopathic training I listened with rapt attention as the teacher explained the holistic model of healing. Concepts such as the difference between cure, palliation and suppression, and Hering’s law of direction of healing were completely new to me but they resonated. From that moment on I studied every bit of material I could get on homeopathy and holistic healing. I was blessed to study homeopathy with the master, veterinary homeopath, Richard Pitcairn.

Dr. Pitcairn helped me to embrace the holistic healing model that works with the body and the vital force to bring healing in a natural and permanent way. Anyone can use homeopathic remedies to treat symptoms but Dr. Pitcairn taught me to use homeopathy to heal serious, chronic health issues. I learned to recognize the pattern picture of each remedy and match it to the total symptom picture presented by the patient.

Since my first introduction to homeopathy, over 20 years ago, rarely a day goes by that I don’t have the opportunity to use this powerful modality. Homeopathy is safe, reliable and affordable. Homeopathy will not mask symptoms, cause side effects or interfere with conventional treatment. It will often work when drugs won’t . Many of my clients keep homeopathic remedies and use them based on my recommendations but few are able to consistently select the remedies themselves or understand how they really work.

In this mentoring course I will lead you through the same learning path that has allowed me to help so many horses with minor to severe health challenges. The Organon, by Samual Hahnemannn, is the basis of homeopathic theory and we will explore this book and it’s explanation of the science behind homeopathy . You will see the theory behind homeopathy and how to take a case, select a remedy and evaluate the response. You will be able to learn, in depth, 20 remedies that I use regularly with horses.

This is a mentoring relationship. You will gain more from this relationship if you have read the Organon and other homeopathic classics. I will provide the framework for learning and you will determine how you want to learn and what you want to focus on. My goal is to help you think like a homeopath.

Module 1 - Basic Homeopathic Theory
Like cures like
Cure, palliation and suppression
Hering’s law of cure

Module 2 - In depth homeopathic theory
Study of the Organon and teachings of other homeopathic masters

Module 3 - Study of 20 often used remedies for horses

Module 4 - Use of the repertory for working up a case

Module 5 - Selecting a remedy, correct potency and evaluating the response

Horse Nutrition Mentoring Course - Using foods to heal

Have you ever wondered why there are so many horse foods and supplements on the market? What about the “good old days” when all you had to feed a horse was oats and hay? How did horse nutrition get so complicated? Used to be colic and laminitis were about the only diseases we associated with diet but now you have a whole alphabet of nutrition related horse illnesses, PSSM, IR, HYPP, ECD, and OCD are just a few.

Some of our horse nutrition issues can be addressed by adding nutrients that are deficient. Also, careful balancing of minerals is important, but, in my 30 + years of working with horses these approaches alone have rarely brought horses the optimum health I was seeking. I have had much more success with using whole foods to create a feeding program that fits the individual horse. Considering the temperament of the horse and the energetics of the foods. takes a different type of thinking.

Our formulated horse feeds have improved over the years and I wish I could say that horse nutrition is as easy as picking the best commercial ration and feeding it according the the instructions. It is very nice, though, to have so many quality feeds to choose from and I commend the feed companies for their research and efforts to help horses.

My goal for you with this six month horse nutrition mentoring course is help you think about nutrition differently. I want you to be able to look at a horse, take a history and design a feeding program that fits that horse. Not only will you be able to evaluate a ration for nutritional content but you will also have a deep level of understanding of how temperament and food energetics come into play. You will also appreciate the complexity of the horse digestive tract and how important healthy gut bacteria are to the horse.

These are my goals for you, but even more important is what you want to get out of this course. This is a mentoring relationship so I am here to guide you on your learning path, not force you down mine. You tell me what you want to learn and how you want me to teach you. Working through actual cases is one way for us to get on the same page but discussion of new research and opposing theories can also be valuable. I will offer a framework for study and you tell me how you want to learn and where you want to focus.

Module 1 - Digestion first
Why some horses don’t digest well
How to support digestion with probiotics and digestive enzymes
How to support digestion with whole foods and herbs

Module 2 - Nutritional content of foods
Evaluating a ration for basic horse nutrition
Balancing a ration using minerals, natural and whole foods to balance a ration

Module 3 - Matching food energetics with horse temperament
Brief introduction to Five Element horse temperament typing
Using foods to help with behavior issues
Using foods to support specific organs and structures
Using foods to improve attitude, learning ability and performance

Module 4 - Feeding for specific horse health issues
IR, Cushings and Laminitis
PSSM, RER, Tying up
Musculoskeletal problems
Hormonal imbalances
Skin and hoof problems