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Recommended Reading Five Element Horse Types and Temperaments

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Holistic Horsekeeping

by Dr. Madalyn Ward
Discover new ways to solve old problems — holistically! Holistic Horsekeeping gives you practical strategies for dealing with common horse care issues.

Horse Harmony

by Dr. Madalyn Ward
Find your perfect equine match or better understand the horse you already have! Dr. Ward has developed 11 basic horse types and temperaments and describes the best training, occupation, diet, and management approach for each.

Horse Harmony Feeding Guide

by Dr. Madalyn Ward
This book covers specific guidelines for feeding each of the main Five-Element Temperament types of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. For each type, this book outlines a nutritionally solid diet,including feed, supplements, fruits, vegetables, spices, vitamins, and minerals. In addition, each chapter offers specific recipes for immune, digestive, uro-genital, and musculo-skeletal support. With this book you will be able to design a custom feeding program designed to enhance your horse’s strengths while bolstering his constitutional weaknesses.

Charmayne James on Barrel Racing

by Charmayne James
Her name identifies an industry. Say "Charmayne" and it's like dropping Babe Ruth's moniker or Michael Jordon's or Lance Armstrong's. People who don't even follow the sport know that Charmayne James is the greatest barrel racer of all time. She burst on to the professional rodeo scene in 1984, winning the first of eleven world championships before her fifteenth birthday. In the next nineteen consecutive years, she qualified for every National Finals Rodeo and became the most decorated female equine athlete of all time.

Simplify Your Riding

by Wendy Murdoch
Wendy offers step-by-step techniques to improve your riding skills. A must have for your equine book collection. Wendy strives to help you through her clear and insightful explanations. The step-by-step how-to book for equestrians of all disciplines offers an illustrated, easy-to-follow series of progressive horseback riding lessons.

Equine Acupressure: A Working Manual

by Nancy Zidonis, Marie Soderberg, Amy Snow
This user-friendly guide to acupressure is filled with easy to follow photographs, charts and illustrations. The acupressure meridian system, acupoints and treatment plans are explained in detail along with complete charts showing the location of the points. Acupresure is a safe, noninvasive and powerful way to participate in your horse's optimal health. This book inlcudes the basics of equine acupressure, plus 15 specific treatments for common equine physical and training conditions.

Equine Herbal and Energetics

by Stacey Small and Andrea Baldwin
Equine Herbal and Energetics is the first equine herb book that explains plant energetics and how it relates to equine health and wellness. Each herb has information on energetics, folkloric uses, equine uses, contraindications, safety rating, aromatherapy, flower essences and homeopathy. Authored by two of the foremost voices in whole horse health -- Stacey Small, creator and founder of Sore No-More liniment, Equilite Herbals and Botanical Animal Flower Essences, and founding co-publisher of Holistic Horse magazine, and Andrea Baldwin, founder of Equibotanical an educational resource of the traditional uses of our plant allies.


The Natural Horse

by Jamie Jackson
Based on detailed descriptions of horses in the wild, the author vividly explains how domestic horses can live happier and healthier lives through understanding what is natural for the horse. Topics covered include behavior, movement, communication, riding, hoof care, and general horse care.

Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care

by Jamie Jackson
This is the new, updated and fully revised edition of Jamie 's original and classic work on natural hoof care. Teeming with hundreds of exciting photographs, technical drawings, and interviews with horse owners and professional natural hoof care practitioners across the U.S., This is the premier work on natural trimming and high performance barefooted horses. Riding barefoot horses- why and how to do it. Wild horse hoof model what it is and how we use it. Trimming guidelines complete step-by-step descriptions of how Jackson and other professional natural hoof care practitioners do it. Solving lameness issues through natural healing. Tools and equipment a detailed guide to the proper instruments of the trade, and where to get them. Troubleshooter avoid costly trimming mistakes and know how to correct them. Resources open the door to locating and ordering tools and equipment, instructional videos, related books and learning guides, and training and certification programs for aspiring natural hoof care practitioners.

Founder: Prevention and Cure the Natural Way

by Jamie Jackson
Founder kills thousands of horses every year, and leaves tens of thousand of others debilitated in its wake. In this startling revelation and guide to the natural, holistic cure and prevention of founder, author/hoof care expert Jaime Jackson brings an entirely new perspective to the treatment table. Includes a clear and workable "Founder Action Plan" for immediate action in identifying and removing the causes of founder, and starting on the road to healing. Jackson also gives practical instructions on how future episodes may be prevented.

Guide to Booting Horses for Horse Care Professionals

by Jamie Jackson
Contains detailed descriptions of every aspect of booting with the Swiss Horse Boot: fitting, modifying, quick mounting, and easy removal. Jackson has written this guide to help horse owners, farriers and vets who are interested in de-shoeing their horses and going barefoot, realizing that hoof boots are often an important part of a barefoot program.This guide focuses particularly on the use of the Swiss Horse Boot, hailed by Jackson as "the best riding boot on the market, based on its value, adaptability, and ease of use."Twelve chapters and an extensive Resource appendix make this a most practical and useful handbook for 21st century hoof care.

Creating the Perfect Hoof: Learn To Do A Natural Trim DVD

by Jamie Jackson
DVD Learn what a "natural trim" is by watching hoof care expert Jaime Jackson in action. Close-up footage gives you the detail horse owners want. Excellent sections on non-violent horse handling, balancing the horse, selection and use of tools, exercises to condition your body for do-it-yourselfers, securing the horse's hooves, using the hoof stand, and much more! Includes remarkable close-up shots of wild horse hooves.

Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You

by Pete Ramey
Detailed hands-on guide to natural horse and hoof care. Explains how to create a successful barefoot program for the domestic horse.

Homeopathy: Medicine of the New Man

By George Vitholkas
A complete introduction to the revolutionary natural healing system whose time has come. An introduction covering law of similars, remedy preparation, vital force, predisposition, case taking, case sample, laws of cure and more.

Four Paws, Five Directions: A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs

By Cheryl Schwartz
Welcome to the world of traditional Chinese medicine—for cats and dogs! For the growing number of animal lovers seeking an alternative to Western medicine, this thoughtful and comprehensive approach to home animal care is a virtual godsend. FOUR PAWS, FIVE DIRECTIONS includes descriptions of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatments, with special emphasis placed on clear, uncomplicated approaches to acupressure and diet that you can do at home. And just wait till you see the photographs! These vivid color portraits accurately chart the meridians and acupressure points of thirty-two gorgeous, furry models. Pet owners and students of veterinary medicine alike will appreciate this unique and upbeat guide to interacting more holistically with our beloved feline and canine friends.

Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine

By Harriet Beinfield and Efrem Korngold
Two of the foremost American educators and healers in the Chinese medical profession demystify Chinese medicine's centuries-odl approach to health. Combining Eastern traditions with Western sensibilities in a unique blend that is relevant today, BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH opens the door to a vast storehouse of knowledge that bridges the gap between mind and body, theory and practice, professional and self-care, East and West.

Learn How to Talk to Animals – A Practical Guide for a Magical Journey

By Leta Worthington
Whether you aspire to be a professional animal communicator, want to talk to your own animals, or simply wish to understand animal communication better, this unique book is for you. Leta Worthington has distilled her 25 years of experience into an easy-to-read yet complete guide. Learn How to Talk to Animals answers commonly asked questions like: "What is animal communication?" and “How does it work?” You’ll find insights as to why opening the heart and learning to use the brain differently are important for ensuring success, as well as practical instruction for expanding your subtle awareness. Many other compelling topics, such as the dos and don’ts of animal communication, are covered as well, but if you're eager to dive in you can skip to Part Two and start practicing with Leta’s step-by-step guidance. Verbatim case histories and fascinating true stories will spur your confidence and enthusiasm. This book is a one-stop-shop for anyone ready to experience the magical journey of talking to animals.

The Language of Animals: 7 Steps to Communicating with Animals

By Carol Gurney
The human/animal spiritual connection is a powerful one. In this astounding guide, renowned animal communicator Carol Gurney draws upon fifteen years of successful communication with animals to offer animal lovers what they’ve always longed for: a simple, effective method for “listening to” and communicating with their animals. Based on her successful 7-step HeartTalk ProgramSM, which has already helped thousands of people understand their basic telepathic connection with animals, Gurney outlines the principles of “heart-to-heart” communication, showing you how to open your heart to a more meaningful connection with the animals you love. Learn how to: Understand your animal’s needs, feelings, and innermost thoughts so you can discover who he or she really is Develop long-distance communication skills to locate lost or stolen animals Understand animals’ physical feelings so you can help comfort them when they are sick or injured Emotionally prepare yourself for the death of your beloved animal Discover how animals can be your best teachers in helping you to love yourself Actually communicate telepathically with the loving beings that share your world! Animals are not only our loyal companions; they are our guides, our healers, our link to the simple wisdom of the natural world. Filled with amazing real-life stories of human/animal communication, The Language of Animals is a must for every animal enthusiast–and a loving gift to the engaging, expressive animals who have so much to share.

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: How to Talk to Animals and Get Answers

By Amelia Kinkade
"This is not a book of outrageous stories about supernatural abilities you do not possess. This is a book of outrageous stories about natural abilities all humans possess." From the Author's Prologue: "My Promise to You" You already share a deep, loving bond with your animal. But what if you could enrich that bond even more? What if you could also listen -- and truly understand? What if your cat could reveal his mischievous secrets (not that he would) and your dog could tell you about her day? What if you could assure her you'd be back soon or assuage her fear of a visit to the vet? Would you like to know how to help her stop biting? Would you like to know why your show horse has stopped jumping? Would you like to know if your iguana is in pain? What if, when the time comes, you could say good-bye heart to heart? You can. Amelia Kinkade, professional interspecies communicator, will show you how. In Straight from the Horse's Mouth, she shares the program she developed that has helped hundreds of her clients break through the only barrier that really separates people from any other animal: skepticism. Using guided meditations and other exercises in this book designed to increase intuition, you can literally learn to "talk with the animals," share memories and make plans, negotiate house rules or mediate sibling rivalries, diagnose illness, track a disappearance, accept one another's differences, and find each other again. Read Amelia Kinkade's adventures in animal communication in all their hilarity, passion, and tenderness, and know that you can join her. Practice her exercises, and you will. Hear the chorus of troubled and endangered species, and learn what you can do to help. There will be no stopping the conversation. Let Straight from the Horse's Mouth -- as practical as it is inspiring -- be your guide to better interspecies relationships, and it will change your life and your animal companions' lives too. That's our promise to you.

Animal Talk: Interspecies Telepathic Communication

By Penelope Smith
As every pet owner knows, although animals can't speak, they are communicating with us all the time. Penelope Smith presents the telepathic techniques she uses to tune into their messages. From getting to the bottom of problem behaviors, to figuring out where an animal hurts, to enhancing physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being through a deeper connection with other species, these techniques have the power to transform the relationship between people and their pets. In Animal Talk, Smith shows readers how to develop direct mind-to-mind communication with animals; discusses issues of freedom, control, and obedience from the animal's point of view; gives tips on nutrition; and explores the special relationship between animals and children.

Animal Voices: Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life

By Dawn Baumann Brunke
Animals ranging from mosquitoes to elephants use their own words to guide humanity to a deeper spiritual awakening. Contains interviews with 25 professional animal communicators and over 100 different animals and animal spirits. Provides a thrilling glimpse of the possibilities of direct animal-human dialogue. According to Echo, an Arabian mare, "Humans are beings of love who have forgotten what love is and who they are." Along with a host of other animal communicators, Dawn Baumann Brunke gives animals like Echo a voice--a direct line of communication to the human mind. Through Animal Voices, the animal kingdom delivers a message about deepening our spirituality and reconnecting with the web of life. Our earliest ancestors had an ongoing shamanic dialogue with the animal kingdom, but this ability has been lost to most in the modern world. Brunke provides the techniques to reopen these connections, reminding us that when we are open to communication with animals, we are open to deeper layers of ourselves. The main contributors to this book are actual animals, who reveal themselves to be sentient beings with their own thoughts, emotions, and spiritual reasons for being on the planet. How Brunke overcame her initial skepticism and learned to hear their voices is a fascinating story. Throughout Animal Voices the author integrates her own reflections with those of the animals she interviews. The result is something that will delight animal lovers and force skeptics to reconsider their ideas about the nature of animal consciousness and the possibility of telepathic human-animal communication.


Rich Dad, Poor Dad

What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money - That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!
by Robert Kiyosaki

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” chronicles the story of two dads, the author’s own father, who was the superintendent of education in Hawaii and who ended up dying penniless, and the author's best friend’s father (and Kiyosaki’s mentor growing up), who dropped out of school at age 13 and went on to become one of the wealthiest men in Hawaii. Kiyosaki uses the story of these two men and their varying financial strategies to illustrate the need for a new financial paradigm in order to achieve financial success in the new millennium.

The Cash Flow

Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant is a guide to financial freedom.
by Robert Kiyosaki

It’s the second book in the Rich Dad Series and reveals how some people work less, earn more, pay less in taxes, and learn to become financially free. CASHFLOW Quadrant was written for those who are ready to move beyond job security and enter the world of financial freedom. It’s for those who want to make significant changes in their lives and take control of their financial future. Robert believes that the reason most people struggle financially is because they've been spent years in school but were never been taught about money. Robert’s rich dad taught him that this lack of financial education is why so many people work so hard all their lives for money… instead of learning how to make money work for them. This book will change the way you think about jobs, careers, and owning your own business and inspire you to learn the rules of money that the rich use to build and grow their wealth.

Creating Wealth: Retire in Ten Years Using Allen's Seven Principles of Wealth!

His innovative investment strategies have helped thousands create their own wealth!
by Robert G. Allen

With over two million copies of his books in print, Robert G. Allen has become a national phenomenon. His innovative investment strategies have helped thousands create their own wealth, and in this new and revised edition of "Creating Wealth" you'll discover the Allen way to financial success. Programmed to think that saving is good, debt and risk-taking bad, we disqualify ourselves from ever having a chance at big money. The first step in creating wealth is to stop "thinking poor." Then you're ready to create your own version of the Allen plan, keyed to integrating real estate with other wealth-generating investments. These principles and others can start you on the path of financial self-reliance: The Automatic Pilot Principle Enormous Profits in Discounted Mortgages, Numismatics: the Secret of the Midas Touch, Liquid Money and Where to Pour It, Insulating Your Assets from Liability and Lawyers

Multiple Streams of Income

How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth
by Robert G. Allen

Make your money work for you, 24 hours a day New sources of income are out there-it's simply up to you to find them, and Robert Allen, who has helped millions of people increase their wealth and enjoy greater success, will show you how. In Multiple Streams of Income, Allen reveals nine proven paths toward generating revenue that anyone can use, not just technology and high finance insiders. You will learn how to create the kind of residual income streams that flow into your life twenty-four hours a day-even while you sleep-doing the kind of work you can do part-time, from your own home, using little or none of your own money, with few or no employees, using simple, proven systems that really work. Now in paperback, Multiple Streams of Income is the investment bible for the savvy entrepreneur.

The One Minute Millionaire

Would you like to know the secrets to making all the money you’ll ever want?
by Robert G. Allen and Mark Victor Hansen

Now, two mega-bestselling authors with decades of experience in teaching people how to achieve extraordinary wealth and success share their secrets. Mark Victor Hansen, cocreator of the phenomenal Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and Robert G. Allen, one of the world’s foremost financial experts, have helped thousands of people become millionaires. Now it’s your turn. Is it possible to make a million dollars in only one minute? The answer just might surprise you. The One Minute Millionaire is an entirely new approach, a life-changing “millionaire system” that will teach you how to: Create wealth even when you have nothing to start with. Overcome fears so you can take reasonable risks. Use the power of leverage to build wealth rapidly. Use “one minute” habits to build wealth over the long term. The One Minute Millionaire is a revolutionary approach to building wealth and a powerful program for self-discovery as well. Here are two books in one, fiction and nonfiction, designed to address two kinds of learning so that you can fully integrate these life-changing lessons. On the right-hand pages, you will find the fictional story of a woman who has to make a million dollars in ninety days or lose her two children forever. The left-hand pages give the practical, step-by-step nonfiction strategies and techniques that actually work in the real world. You’ll find more than one hundred nuts-and-bolts “Millionaire Minutes,” each one a concise and invaluable lesson with specific techniques for creating wealth. However, the lessons here are not just about becoming a millionaire—they are about becoming an enlightened millionaire and how to ethically make, keep, and share your wealth. Whether your goal is less than a million dollars or that amount many times over, there’s never been a better time to achieve abundance. Let The One Minute Millionaire show you the way.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Powerful Lessons In Personal Change
by Steven R. Covey

In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, author Stephen R. Covey presents a holistic, integrated, principle-centered approach for solving personal and professional problems. With penetrating insights and pointed anecdotes, Covey reveals a step-by-step pathway for living with fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity -- principles that give us the security to adapt to change and the wisdom and power to take advantage of the opportunities that change creates.

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

Everyone can benefit from this book.
by Catherine Ponder

Imagine sitting in the lap of your favorite grandparent and learning the secrets to a magnificent, abundant life. Catherine Ponder writes in such a loving gentle way. The secrets she reveals are not secrets at all but universal truths for health, love, success and peace. As she explores these dynamic laws of prosperity she shares actual success stories to help those of us who are uncertain. There is no flowery prose here. Just plenty of practical advice for using Divine power to overcome difficulties and achieve happiness. Everyone can benefit from this book. First published in 1962, and revised and updated by the author in 1985, THE DYNAMIC LAWS OF PROSPERITY presents basic laws of prosperity in clear language for the modern reader.

The Richest Man in Babylon

This is the book that reveals the secret to personal wealth.
by George S. Clason

Beloved by millions, this timeless classic holds the key to all you desire and everything you wish to accomplish. This is the book that reveals the secret to personal wealth. The Success Secrets of the Ancients— An Assured Road to Happiness and Prosperity. Countless readers have been helped by the famous “Babylonian parables,” hailed as the greatest of all inspirational works on the subject of thrift, financial planning, and personal wealth. In language as simple as that found in the Bible, these fascinating and informative stories set you on a sure path to prosperity and its accompanying joys. Acclaimed as a modern-day classic, this celebrated bestseller offers an understanding of—and a solution to—your personal financial problems that will guide you through a lifetime. This is the book that holds the secrets to keeping your money—and making more.

Think and Grow Rich

Here are money-making secets that can change your life.
by Napoleon Hill

Inspired by Andrew Carnegie's magic formula for success, this book will teach you the secrets that will bring you a fortune. It will show you not only what to do but how to do it. Once you learn and apply the simple, basic techniques revealed here, you will have mastered the secret of true and lasting success. And you may have whatever you want in life.

As a Man Thinketh

Today we are where our thoughts have taken us, and we are the architects ,for better or worse, of our futures
by James Allen

AS A MAN THINKETH has long been read by millions of people seeking joy, success, and health through the power of thought and its effect on life. James Allen insists upon the power of the individual to form his own character and to create his own happiness. Thought and character are one, he says, and as character can only manifest and discover itself through environment and circumstance, the outer conditions of a person s life will always be found to be harmoniously related to his inner state." And thus James Allen teaches two essential truths: today we are where our thoughts have taken us, and we are the architects - for better or worse - of our futures. Perhaps one of the greatest writers of this century, he portrays the Truth clearly, eloquently and with no misunderstanding. AS A MAN THINKETH is a timeless piece.


The Purpose Driven Life

by Rick Warren
Another Landmark Book by Rick Warren. You are not an accident. Even before the universe was created, God had you in mind, and he planned you for his purposes. These purposes will extend far beyond the few years you will spend on earth. You were made to last forever! Self-help books often suggest that you try to discover the meaning and purpose of your life by looking within yourself, but Rick Warren says that is the wrong place to start.

The Sacred Romance: Drawing Closer to the Heart of God

By Brent Curtis and John Eldredge
From childhood on, something or Someone has called us on a journey of the heart. It is a journey full of intimacy, adventure, and beauty?but like any fairy tale it is also fraught with more than a little danger. To ignore this whispered call is to become one of the living dead who carry on their lives divorced from their most intimate selves, their heart. The Sacred Romance calls to us in our fondest memories, our greatest loves, our noblest achievements, even our deepest hurts. The reward is worth the risk. God Himself longs for us, if we are but willing . . . The Sacred Romance strikes a chord in us because more than in any other age, we have lost touch with our hearts. We have left that essential part of ourselves behind in the pursuit of efficiency, success, and even Christian service. If you long for something more, even if you don't know what that something is, then open this profound book. Before long you will find yourself eagerly turning the pages to find out what happens next. The Sacred Romance is the story of our lives; it is God's story. It is His invitation to experience His unfathomable love for us.

Secrets of the Vine: Breaking Through to Abundance

By Bruce Wilkinson
Are you ready to break through to the abundant life? Is it time to trade in mediocrity for a life of consequence? Do you want to experience the joy of making maximum impact for God? Join Bruce Wilkinson for a journey through John 15. Find out why Jesus is the Vine of life and explore the four levels of "fruit bearing." You'll learn three surprising secrets that will open your eyes to your unrealized potential in Him...starting today!

Chicken Soup for the Soul

By Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen
In the years since it was first published, the magic of Chicken Soup for the Soul has touched the hearts and minds of more than 70 million readers from all walks of life with its stories of ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. With its powerful message of hope and inspiration, the series that Newsweek called "a publishing phenomenon" has taught readers that dreams really do come true for those who dare to believe that any obstacle, no matter how daunting, can be overcome with persistence, patience and belief in oneself. In this commemorative tenth anniversary edition, readers will find fifty of the best-loved stories from the series, those that exemplify the spirit of Chicken Soup and its ability to illuminate the path we all walk on. Included are poignant letters from readers whose lives were transformed by what they read and a special section written by coauthors, master motivators Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, on the special principles of living your dreams that everyone can follow. This keepsake edition is a must-have for every reader who has ever opened his or her heart to the goodness and grace that is Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

By Susan Jeffers, PhD
Dynamic and inspirational, FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY is filled with concrete techniques to turn passivity into asssertiveness. Dr. Susan Jeffers, teaches you how to stop negative thinking patterns and reeducate your mind to think more positively. You will learn: the vital 10-Step Positive Thinking Process; how to risk a little every day; how to turn every decision into a "No-Lose" situation, and much more.

Ageless Body, Timeless Mind

By Depak Chopra, MD
There is nothing inevitable about aging--that is the inspiring message from Dr. Deepak Chopra. "Once again Dr. Chopra presents us with information that can help us live long, healthy lives. For all those interested in a long, full life, this book is a valuable resource."--Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of Love, Medicine and Miracles Over 1.5 million copies sold. National bestseller. Line drawings.

Love, Medicine and Miracles

By Bernie Segal, MD
Unconditional love is the most powerful stimulant of the immune system. The truth is: love heals. Miracles happen to exceptional patients every day—patients who have the courage to love, those who have the courage to work with their doctors to participate in and influence their own recovery.

The Prophet

By Kahlil Gibran
Kahlil Gibran’s masterpiece, The Prophet, is one of the most beloved classics of our time. Published in 1923, it has been translated into more than twenty languages, and the American editions alone have sold more than nine million copies. The Prophet is a collection of poetic essays that are philosophical, spiritual, and, above all, inspirational. Gibran’s musings are divided into twenty-eight chapters covering such sprawling topics as love, marriage, children, giving, eating and drinking, work, joy and sorrow, housing, clothes, buying and selling, crime and punishment, laws, freedom, reason and passion, pain, self-knowledge, teaching, friendship, talking, time, good and evil, prayer, pleasure, beauty, religion, and death. Each essay reveals deep insights into the impulses of the human heart and mind. The Chicago Post said of The Prophet: “Cadenced and vibrant with feeling, the words of Kahlil Gibran bring to one’s ears the majestic rhythm of Ecclesiastes . . . If there is a man or woman who can read this book without a quiet acceptance of a great man’s philosophy and a singing in the heart as of music born within, that man or woman is indeed dead to life and truth.” With twelve full-page drawings by Gibran, this beautiful work makes an incredible gift for anyone seeking enlightenment and inspiration.

Beyond Success

By Brian Biro
Building upon the fundamental principles devised by Coach John Wooden, Brian D. Biro presents an accessible system for leadership development. With anecdotes, excercises, and Wooden's philosophy, the author captures the essence of Wooden's Pyramid of Success and the secrets behind each of the pyramid's building blocks.


A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles begins... Nothing real can be threatened... Nothing unreal exists.... Herein lies the peace of God.
As its title implies, the Course is arranged throughout as a teaching device. It consists of three books: Text, Workbook for Students, and Manual for Teachers. The order in which students choose to use the books, and the ways in which they study them, depend on their particular needs and preferences.

Odyssey of the Soul

By Pamela Chilton, CHt, and Hugh Harmon, PhD
First in a trilogy, Book One presents extraordinary information gathered from the inner consciousness levels of the minds, bodies, and spirits of thousands of ordinary people. Knowledge gathered by the authors in their healing, motivational, and channeling work with and for others opens the mind and excites the spirit to the inherent abilities of the soul. Written simply, even complex subjects such as healing, hypnosis, re-incarnation, channeling, therapy, spirit possession, multiple personalities, inner children, astral matter, metaphysics, the soul, and Higher Self become clear and understandable. Personal stories add light, humor, motivation, and a sense all is possible and knowable. Presents a lighted path to self-mastery for the enlightenment of self and others, while succinctly outlining why the past is important to this path. Explains the dynamics of trauma, including childhood abuse, and how the mind stores, as well as buries, trauma. Explains why memories - whether "false" or "real" - are important to healing and achieving personal and professional goals. Delineates the levels of the mind and spirit in a way that is meaningful to every day reality. Lures and keeps the interest of both beginners and experts in metaphysical studies, even as it brings forward information that enhances both mainstream and alternative healing. Miracles are explained, as well as why medications, surgery, prayer, guided imagery, visualizations, affirmations, hypnosis, herbs, and other healing aids sometimes do not work and what needs to be done so they will. It is a book written by experts who explain why no expert knows more about a person's mind, body, or spirit than that person's own mind, body, and spirit. Explains how such information can be accessed both in and out of trance states. Channeling is introduced in a manner that eliminates fear, dread, and foolhardiness. Chapter Eight, written by a channeled spirit that calls itself The Consciousness of Light, outlines a plan for healing the earth, balancing nature, and enlightening humans. The plan is powerful and perfect for people of all religions and no religion. So ingenious is this plan, so simple, so positively focused, it could only have been written by a consciousness of light leading to the thought that if a consciousness of light does not lie, this must, indeed, be The Consciousness of Light. Just knowing such a consciousness is present and active in the world alleviates the rampart fear presently escalating naturally occurring earth changes. Most importantly, in these present days of rapidly escalating earth changes, this book, as it makes clear how the mind creates, makes clear how prophecy works. Knowing this, one understands profoundly that prophecy is not for the ego of the prophet; it is for the good of the people. If one does not like a prophecy, one has the ability and the right to positively shift the mental focus and physical actions in the present, which alters the future, thus nullifying the prophecy. Being created in the image of the Creator means we are spirit with will and the ability to choose what we will. A great prophet does not care about being right. A great prophet cares about doing right. Doing right is to warn and when the warning is heeded, the great prophet rejoices, knowing the prophecy will be rendered untrue. Book One explains how the mind truly works so the soul of one and the souls of many may alter the future to bring greater good and joy.

Bringers of the Dawn

By Barbara Merciniak
Compiled from more than four hundred hours of channeling by Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn imparts to us the wisdom of the Pleiadians, a group of enlightened beings who have come to Earth to help us discover how to reach a new stage of evolution. Master storytellers and humorists, they advise us to become media free, to work in teams, and to eliminate the words "should" and "try" from our vocabularies. We learn how to go beyond fear, how the original human was a magnificent being with twelve strands of DNA and twelve chakra centers, and who our "gods" are. Startling, intense, intelligent, and controversial, these teachings offer essential reading for anyone questioning their existence on this planet and the direction of our collective conscious--and unconscious. By remembering that we are Family of Light, that we share an ancient ancestry with the universe around us, we become "bringers of the dawn," consciously creating a new reality, a new Earth.